Our Tommy Cod Fishing Tips

You’re ready for Tomcod fishing the minute you arrive: You just need to learn the right fishing techniques! The fishing hole is unfrozen and the lines are out of the water. The cabin is warm. When you run out of bait, just go to the office as needed; this is included in your package. Another alternate for your bait is “magic” shrimp, offered at an affordable price.

Adjusting your fishing lines

Tomcod is a bottom-dwelling fish and this is where we catch them.

In each fishing cabin near the ceiling, there is a support on which are attached fishing lines. Each line is weighted and equipped with two hooks.

Our first fishing tip: Adjust the height of your lines properly. See figure below for the adjustment of your lines.

  • To adjust the height of your fishing line, we unroll it until the lead touches the bottom.
  • We bring the line back up by rewinding once so the lead is half an inch from the bottom.
  • Only the hooks must touch the bottom.
  • The bait (cubed bleeding pig liver or an uncooked shrimp) must hide the fishing hook and be replaced as soon as it stops bleeding.
  • When the little match starts to jiggle, you pull on the line with a single tug, and that’s it! You have just caught your first Tomcod!

Tommy cod fishing is known worldwide for the unique taste of the fish. Fished in cold water, it offers a particular taste.

It is prepared in many ways, according to different nationalities.

At the Centre de pêche des chenaux Juneau-Simard, we have been welcoming different ethnic groups for more than ten years.