25 ice fishing cabins

able to accommodate 4 to 20 people. Included in your rental are cabin, lighting, fishing lines, bait, firewood, electric outlets, chairs, table and sofa.


All our fishing cabins are equipped with a child safety guard over the fishing hole.


As soon as you arrive, a guide is assigned to you to show you the location of your ice fishing shak and the parking as well as to explain the fishing technique.

No limit

For your stay, no fishing permit is required, and there is no specified catch limit.


You can bring your pets. Surveillance, however, is required.


If the number of persons is significant enough, we can organize your group so that they are all located in cabins close to each other. 

Shuttle bus

For organized groups arriving by bus, we offer a shuttle service.

Functional cabin

Upon your arrival, the cabin is all set up, clean and heated. It only awaits you for the party to begin.

Electrical outlets

There are electrical outlets in every cabin.


You can park your car near your ice fishing shak.

Inflatable games

Especially for your children, inflatable games are just steps away from our office!
( weekend only )

Winter activites

The vast Saint-Anne River site is also used for several winter activities for several winter activities other than ice fishing for everyone.

Snack bar

A snack bar is available on the ice.

Lunch delivery

*The restaurants in the village of Saint-Anne-de-la-Pérade deliver right on the ice.

Sanitation facility

Our heated and well-lit sanitation facility on the river is very clean and comfortable! Divided into two sections, “women” and “men,” they are equipped with a sink and hot water for hand washing. We are the first to offer you this convenience.

Between two catches, you can bring your children to the park, skate on our skating rink or go for a pony ride. The play park is located at the main entrance of the site, at the #4 access ramp, in front of the church. Note that these activities can change from one season to the next.