History of Ice Fishing in Sainte-Anne-De-La-Pérade

The Centre de pêche des chenaux Juneau-Simard has been at your service for three generations. Each year, ice fishing in Sainte-Anne-De-La-Pérade begins the day after Christmas, on December 26 and ends in mid-February. The Sainte-Anne River is a tributary of the Saint-Lawrence River, and because of its geology, it is known as the Tomcod capital of the world. These waters are known as an excellent fishing spot because of the abundance of fish. We welcome several hundred fishing enthusiasts every year in our well laid-out fishing cabins that are comfortable and safe for children and adults. Safety is our priority.

Clean and responsible

At the Centre de pêche des chenaux Juneau-Simard, cleanliness is foremost. Each year a thorough cleaning is carried out to offer you the best possible service. After each rental, our fishing cabins are entirely cleaned with hot water, using only biodegradable products. For us, the environment is very important because our biggest wish is to maintain the quality of our fish spawning area for future generations. We greatly encourage catch and release to conserve the species and keep these waters one of the greatest tomcod fishing spot in the world.