Ice fishing… fishing you won’t forget!

For three generations, the Centre de pêche des chenaux Juneau-Simard has been offering you the opportunity to fish on the Sainte-Anne River, the Tomcod capital of the world. Renowned for Atlantic Tomcod fishing, commonly known as Tommy-cod, this St. Lawrence River tributary welcomes thousands of ice fishing enthusiasts each year.

85th edition of TOMCOD fishing.

This year we celebrate the 85th edition of TOMCOD festival.

Fully enjoy fishing

From December 26 to mid-February
come live wonderful moments for both the young and old in clean and safe fishing cabins, able to accommodate from 4 to 20 people. All conveniences necessary for your comfort are at your disposal so that you can fully enjoy your day or evening of tomcod ice fishing.

Proud of family and environmentally responsible values

the personnel of the Centre de pêche des chenaux Juneau-Simard take great care to upkeep all fishing facilities, using biodegradable products. Preserving the quality of resources and nature while letting you enjoy a day of unique fishing, this is the mission of our fishing center!
ste anne de la perade, peche petits poissons des chenaux

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